How Does the Mazda Total Advantage Plan Save Me Money on Car Services?

If you want to save more toward the maintenance of your new Mazda model and protect its value, then the Mazda Total Advantage Plan is for you! We invite you to take a closer look at what the plan entails! When you are ready to sign up, stop by our Mazda dealership in Norwood, Massachusetts.

What is the Mazda Total Advantage Plan?

We know there are drivers around Wellesley, Quincy, and Natick who want better coverage for their new Mazda model. However, the cost of routine checkups and repairs can add up, which is why many tend to put off these necessary services. That is where the Mazda Total Advantage can benefit you. We want you to stay safe, and the best way to do that is to stay on top of automotive care, which is why the purpose of our plan is to keep the price of getting your vehicle serviced at our auto shop affordable!

The Mazda Total Advantage plan is available for any new Mazda model you buy or lease. The plan is also offered for ordinary and certified pre-owned Mazda models. You have the following choices to consider:

  • Term limits for one, two, three, four, or five years
  • One or both scheduled maintenance intervals
    → Schedule One — Normal Driving Conditions
    → Schedule Two — Unique Driving Conditions

What Benefits are Included with the Mazda Total Advantage Plan?

With the Mazda Total Advantage Plan, you will have access to the benefits below:

  • Potential increase in resale value
  • Factory Recommended Scheduled Maintenance
  • Services and repairs conducted by Mazda-approved technicians
  • Genuine Mazda parts and accessories, including Mazda engine oil
  • Financing option to add the plan as a part of your monthly payments
  • Secured price-points that guard against higher service costs in the future

Contact Mazda Gallery Today to Learn More

Interested in signing up for the Mazda Total Advantage Plan? Then speak with the Mazda Gallery team today! You can contact us to discuss plan details in greater lengths, and when you are ready to get more from your Mazda experience, we will be waiting for you at our Norwood dealership serving greater Boston.


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