How can I save on car service maintenance?


Bringing your Mazda in for regular service is crucial. Doing so can help you avoid bigger and costlier repairs down the road and give you that peace of mind. That said, we know there are still financial considerations. If you're looking to save on your service, just like you looked to save on a new Mazda, we suggest signing up for our Mazda Total Advantage program!

With this program, you're paying ahead for the services you'll need, and in doing so you can save up to 25% over the life of ownership.


  • If you sell your vehicle there is the potential for a higher resale value
  • Locks in prices for service costs
  • Potential to bundle this into your monthly vehicle payment
  • Mazda Total Advantage Plans:

  • You can buy them in 1,2,3,4 and 5-year increments
  • Available for Normal Driving Conditions (Schedule 1) and Unique Driving Conditions (Schedule 2)
  • Can be used on any Mazda model: new, leased, used, or Certified
  • For more information on this fantastic package, visit the page or contact us. Once you're signed up you can schedule an appointment so we can start helping you keep your Mazda in tip-top shape!

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